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What is Wispping?

It's your place to buy better.

In a few easy steps, Wispping will help you to buy what you need easier.
Watch the following video and view these ideas to know all about Wispping:

5 steps to take full advantage of Wispping
Define your buying plan
Do you foresee to buy something? Define in Wispping your buying plan (product type, characteristics, purchase area, time interval, ...).
Be informed to buy better
See links of interest, ask for advice to your friends, write down candidate products, ask for quotations for those products, ... Ha! And you can do it easily and faster through each buying plan dashboard.
Receive ads, quotations and incentives
The merchants and adverrtisers adhered to Wispping can send you ads, quotations and incentives for your buying plans. Compare and choose the best option.
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What is Wispping providing you?
Information all-in-one place
Use Wispping to manage all relevant information of your buying plans: data, notes, advices, candidate products, prices, quotations, ...
Ask and receive advices
Wispping allows you to ask for advice to friends and, even, to other Wispping users that bought similar products! If you like, you can aslo share your buying plan at Facebook.
Write down candidate products
If you fins candidate products for your buying plan, you can write them down in Wispping. Also, you will be able to ask for quotations for each candidate product to our adhered merchants. Moreover, you can write down prices and compare products.
Receive ads of your interest
Once you have defined your buying plan, Wispping adhered merchants can send you ads related to your product type. If you buy in a registered shop, you will receive money for each seen ad.
Receive commercial incentives
Wispping adhered merchants can send you commercial incentives and offers applicable in their stores: discounts for the product you want bo buy, free transportation, ...
Information goes with you
Your buying plans are accessible everywhere. Use the Wispping App for Android to add prices, candidate products and more.
If you buy, you save and win
You control what and where to buy. If you buy in a Wispping registered offline or online shop, you will receive money for seen ads and commercial incentives! You may easily transfer your rewards to the purpose of personal or social interest you decide. Along with us you save time and money.
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Wispping App
Plan purchases with your phone
Do you want to plan your purchases wherever you are? Did you see a product and you want to add it to one of your buying plans? You will also be able to do these and other actions through our Wispping App in Google Play!
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Wispping Blog
The Wispping Blog
In our blog you will find the latest news about Wispping, advices in order to buy in a planned way and news that will help you to buy better every day. Visit our blog by clicking here.
Which buying plans can I do?
You can define buying plans ...
You can define buying plans of every product category you can imagine! Everything :)
Reflective purchase and, if you want, also solidary
If you like, you can allocate received money to non-profit organizations. Now, Wispping has agreements with:
  • Creu Roja Catalunya
    Creu Roja Catalunya
  • Mans Unides
    Mans Unides
  • Intermón Oxfam
    Intermón Oxfam
Do you want to view them all? Click here.

Joined beneficiaries

  • Creu Roja Catalunya
  • Intermón Oxfam
  • Mans Unides

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